51 Experts



Craig Hanson

Vice President for Food, Forest, Water & the Ocean


Rod Taylor

Global Director, Forests

Program Experts & Staff

Luiz Amaral

Director, Global Solutions for Commodities and Finance

Alyssa Barrett

Global Forest Watch Platform Manager

Anika Berger

Research Analyst, Global Forest Watch

Steven Brumby

Senior Fellow, Global Forest Watch

Luiz Calado

Strategic Solutions & Engagement Specialist for Latin America, Global Forest Watch

Crystal Davis

Director, Global Forest Watch

Emilee Derbas

Grants & Finance Specialist II

Kevin Faragher

Operations Manager, Global Forest Watch

Mollie Freeman

Digital Specialist, Food & Forests Programs

Joel Gamys

National Coordinator, Liberia

David Gibbs

GIS Research Associate II

Elizabeth Dow Goldman

GIS Research Manager

Alice Gottesman

Engagement Specialist, Global Forest Watch

Brook Guzder-Williams

Chief Data Scientist

Alejandro Guzman-Vogele

Grants and Finance Specialist I, Global Forest Watch

Hidayah Hamzah

Manager For National Plastic Action Partnership, WRI Indonesia 

Nancy Harris

Research Manager, Global Forest Watch

Stephanie Jamilla

Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Specialist, Global Forest Watch

Kendie Kenmoe

Technical Manager for Central and West Africa

Kai Kresek

GIS Product Manager

Kristine Lister

Research Analyst

Jane Lloyd

Product Manager, Global Forest Watch Commodities and Finance

Katie Lyons

Communications Manager, Forests Program

James MacCarthy

GIS Analyst, Global Forest Watch

Thomas Maschler

Lead Software Engineer, Global Forest Watch

Aaron Minnick

Manager, Global Restoration Initiative

Catherine Nakashidze

National GFW Coordinator in Georgia

Colton Naval

Engagement Specialist, Global Forest Watch

Ruth Nogueron

Senior Associate

Maanas Nukala

Junior Data Specialist

Person default

Gabrielle Nussbaum

Country Implementation Manager, Global Forest Watch

Serge Rafanoharana

Remote Sensing & Database Manager, Madagascar Program

Andry Rasamuel

IT & Communications Officer, Madagascar Program

Anne Rosenbarger

Global Engagement Manager, Global Forest Watch Commodities and Finance

Sarah Ruiz

Writer/Editor, Global Forest Watch

Ryan Sarsfield

Latin America Commodities Manager II, Global Forest Watch Commodities and Finance

Martina Schneider

GIS Analyst

Teresa Schofield

Product Specialist, Global Forest Watch

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