Modern tram is pictured travelling along a tree-lined street in an urban setting in Barcelona, Spain

WRI Europe is a pivotal hub for sustainable action on the continent. We engage with national and local policymakers, business leaders, nonprofits, donors and other stakeholders to help drive impactful action on the world's most urgent climate and development issues.

Strategically located in The Hague, Netherlands and London, United Kingdom, with an additional presence in Bonn, Germany, Istanbul and Brussels (System Transformation Hub), WRI Europe operates at the nexus of local and global efforts. Our teams collaborate closely with partners and stakeholders worldwide and in Europe to address pressing environmental challenges and drive transformational change. For instance, our London-based Ocean program supports sustainable ocean management worldwide, including in four European countries. The WRI Europe office also hosts the secretariat of Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU), which is central to a global network with many European partners.

Our offices also include programs with a more local focus. We actively engage with EU policymakers and stakeholders to shape partner-driven initiatives, such as Coolfood, which works directly with European businesses (as well as businesses abroad) to reduce the climate footprint of their operations.

In line with WRI's global strategy, our European efforts prioritize action in a few key transition areas. This includes developing more sustainable approaches to food, land and water, decarbonizing energy, and building healthier, more resilient cities. We also work on shifting global economic systems to enable change. By focusing on these systems where people, climate and nature intersect, we contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future for all.




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