Lucia is a GIS Research Associate for Global Forest Watch (GFW). Her work focuses on helping improve land use change corporate accounting and reduce the climate footprint of soft commodity supply chains. Her current project focuses on operationalizing sections of the Greenhouse Gas protocol by working on best practices to help companies report land use change emission metrics in a more transparent, accurate, and science-based approach.

Prior to joining World Resources Institute, Lucia served as a Postdoctoral Associate at the University of Minnesota working on adaptation planting projects in the Great Lakes region that are focused on climate change or novel disturbance adaptation. She earned a Ph.D. in Natural Resources Science and Management with a minor in Geographic Information Sciences from the University of Minnesota. Her doctoral research focused on modeling land use change, biomass, and forest carbon dynamics in the United States as well as on the use and validation of landscape simulation models (LANDIS-II) with forest inventory data (US FIA).

She earned a Forestry BSc. and a Forest engineering degree from Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina in Peru. While working in Peru, she focused her research on community forestry in the Amazon, where she studied the perceived impacts of timber and non-timber forest management in the Sinchi Roca I native community.

In her free time, Lucia enjoys camping and paddle boarding with her dog.