Kendie Kenmoe is the Forest Atlas Technical Manager for the WRI Forests program. As TM, he directs the technical teams of the two sub-regions in terms of development and implementation of technological tools for monitoring. He oversees the development of technical strategies and the implementation of activities and participates in the management of partnership relations with the government, local civil society and other international NGOs. He is based in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Prior to serving as TM, Kendie worked for WRI primary as National Technical assistant for Cameroon and secondly as Regional Technical Assistant for Central and West Africa. His work focused on supervise the forest atlas platform for Congo Basin and Liberia, and supporting training for government, civil society, and researchers on use of WRI’s information tools.

Kendie holds a master's degree in computer science applied to geographic information systems from the National School of Geographic Sciences (ENSG) in Paris, a master’s degree in computer science, network and distributed service from Dschang University in Cameroon.

In his spare time, Kendie loves playing video games, football and handball.