Building an Energy Future that Is Clean, Affordable & Reliable 

WRI works with large energy buyers, utilities, policymakers, development institutions and urban leaders worldwide to accelerate the transition to clean, affordable energy.  

Our Challenge

Energy is more than electricity. Access to clean, affordable and reliable power is essential for human health, education and economic prosperity, in addition to reducing emissions. 

Yet the world’s energy systems are in desperate need of modernization. More than 750 million people — 10% of the global population — still lack access to electricity. Those who do have power often get it through polluting fossil fuels. Energy is already responsible for 73% of global emissions, while energy demand is slated to rise nearly 10% by 2030. And market barriers often prevent businesses, cities and others from securing the renewable power they want.


people worldwide lack access to electricity  


of global CO2 emissions come from buildings


of global emissions comes from energy consumption


of world's energy supply must be powered by clean energy to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050

Our Approach

WRI’s Energy Program collaborates with policymakers, cities, companies, utilities, regulators and development institutions to secure a clean energy future for everyone.

We facilitate partnerships to help cities and corporations purchase renewable power at scale to unlock economic opportunities. Our tools and analysis track communities most in need of electricity and identify places where clean energy is the most affordable and reliable solution. And we help city leaders around the world improve the efficiency of their buildings, a major source of emissions. 

Energy Access Explorer provides the data and tools necessary to create a future where all people have access to affordable, reliable and modern energy.

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WRI's Energy Program focuses on a number of specific initiatives including projects on Buildings, Energy Access, and Clean Energy. Explore all projects in depth.

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