Benita Nathania is a research assistant for sustainable commodities & business at WRI Indonesia. She focuses on developing landscape monitoring system and plantation license database to ensure the sustainability aspect within agricultural commodities supply chains. She also involves in researches related to sustainable commodities and provides spatial analyses for various projects in WRI Indonesia.

Prior to joining WRI Indonesia, she was a supervisor of nutmeg production factory belong to foreign capital company of Japan in Indonesia. Then she joined Yayasan Penelitian Inovasi Bumi as a researcher and began to learn a lot about the environment and sustainability. She worked as a consultant at CIFOR (Center for International Forestry Research) as a GIS and Qualitative Analyst in forest and migration project. She also received Qualitative Research training of of Reality Check Approach from Empatika’s foundation.

Benita received her Master of Engineering from the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering at both Yamaguchi University Japan and Udayana University Indonesia, and is an awardee of Yamaguchi/Udayana Double Degree Program. She received his Bachelor of Agriculture from the Agroecotechnology Department at Udayana University Indonesia.

Benita is a tea addict, from regular and blend tea to fermented kombucha tea, she sips it all. She also like to feed her adventurous soul by traveling and spending quality time with her closest ones.