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How the Yamaha Motor Company Uses Aqueduct

The Yamaha Motor Company is a global company with headquarters in Japan and over 100 subsidiaries across the globe. Accelerating climate change and its impacts, such as extreme weather, flood, and drought put Yamaha Motor’s operations at risk.

However, water risks largely vary based on local conditions. With many locations spread across the globe, it is very difficult for Yamaha Motor to collect information from subsidiaries and asses water risk information at their headquarters. Yamaha Motor uses the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas in their Risk Management Division and Environment Divisions to make sense of water challenges across these locations. Their Risk Management System, which features Aqueduct data, feeds into decision-making across all Yamaha Motor Group Companies. This information is used to ensure awareness, push for risk management plans, and monitor risks from a long-term viewpoint.

Yamaha Motor finds Aqueduct is beneficial not only in regular risk management work, but also in increasing awareness regarding water risk amongst employees as well as top management. In addition, it helps them work towards the goals set by their “Yamaha Motor Group Environmental Plan 2050”.