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How LimnoTech Uses Aqueduct

As a consultant that helps companies develop and implement impactful water stewardship strategies, we start with an understanding of where a company touches water across the value chain and the associated risks. With this understanding, businesses can make informed decisions about investment and innovation opportunities that mitigate risks and impacts.

The Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas has been a valuable resource in our work for large global companies with operations and supply chains around the world because the tool enables the screening of multiple locations across a variety of indicators. We have also found the data sets related to agriculture exposure to water stress to be helpful in understanding water risks in the supply chain.

As water scientists and engineers who routinely work with large data sets and models, we place a high value on resources like Aqueduct that convey complex data and information through a user-friendly interface backed by transparent documentation. We also appreciate that the data layers are available for download, which provides flexibility in how we use and present results to our clients.