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How The Coca-Cola Company Uses Aqueduct

For a beverage company, effective water risk management is key to running a sustainable business and driving growth. The Coca-Cola Company, with its global footprint of bottling operations, has a long history of assessing its exposure to water risk by collecting an extensive amount of data on a regular basis, across the hundreds of watersheds where it operates around the world. In 2011, The Coca-Cola Company’s internal global water risk data were donated to the World Resources Institute (WRI), to support the first iteration of the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas. Today, the Coca-Cola Company continues to see WRI’s Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas as an extremely valuable tool for companies to understand their business exposure to shared water challenges. The Coca-Cola Company is returning to this new and improved version of Aqueduct to conduct their latest, global, enterprise water risk assessment, which will form the back bone of their future global water strategy.