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How the Pacific Institute Uses Aqueduct

The Aqueduct tool provides the most up-to-date data on water risks across countries and water basins globally, helping to make water risk analysis more mainstream. The Pacific Institute in its capacity as the CEO Water Mandate uses Aqueduct to identify and evaluate strategic regions of the CEO Water Mandate along with an understanding of the locations of corporate supply chains and local partners. The companies, in turn, leverage the potential of Aqueduct to map regions, river basins, and individual sites to prioritize mitigation action.

For the site corporate water targets project, the Pacific Institute applies Aqueduct to obtain a high-level information on water risks in various catchments, such as those related to WASH, water quantity and quality, water-related ecosystems, water governance, and extreme water-related events. Such analysis, in addition to local water risk data, provides clarity on when to set targets that are operational and collective to address water risks and improve water security.

The Pacific Institute and the CEO Water Mandate believe that tools, such as Aqueduct, can empower companies to address water risks to businesses and the local communities in which they operate.