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How International Paper Uses Aqueduct

International Paper is one of the world’s leading producers of renewable, fiber-based packaging, pulp and paper. Aqueduct data is a key component of International Paper’s Facilities Water Risk Assessment. The flexibility of the tool allows them to use specific indicators in a way that makes sense for their industry and geographic locations. They combine data from the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas with their own internal research in a site-based risk model that is informing the development of their comprehensive water stewardship strategy. International Paper joined the Aqueduct Alliance in summer 2019. They see WRI and the Aqueduct Alliance as key partners in helping develop their water strategy, set ambitious and relevant targets, and deliver on their commitment to water stewardship. WRI’s thought leadership and data-driven resources like the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas, plus the network of leading companies at the table, were key in their decision to join.

International Paper is a member of the Aqueduct Alliance, a coalition of organizations that provide essential support to Aqueduct maintenance, improvement, and development.