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How Ecolab Uses Aqueduct

Ecolab leverages WRI’s Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas data for two key publicly available tools: The Water Risk Monetizer and the Ecolab Smart Water Navigator. These tools help industry monetize business risks, benchmark metrics and provide operational guidance to improve enterprise and facility water management.

The Water Risk Monetizer (WRM) is a global water risk assessment tool that monetizes the full value of water and risks to businesses. By placing a value on the full value of water, businesses are better positioned to support water-related investments for change. The quantity-related data within the WRM is the Baseline Water Stress metric from WRI’s Aqueduct Tool and helps businesses make more informed decisions to protect against water quantity and quality constraints to growth.

The Smart Water Navigator (SWN) bridges the gap between corporate goals and local action, offering comprehensive roadmaps to build circular water management at the site level. Water stress data from WRI gives users insights on the current state of water on a local level.

By using WRI’s leading and credible datasets, both the WRM and SWN are grounded in the best-in-class data and scientific methodologies to provide businesses the most relevant and up-to-date outputs to move toward improved circular water management, protecting businesses from water risk and conserving this valuable resource.

Ecolab is a member of the Aqueduct Alliance, a coalition of organizations that provide essential support to Aqueduct maintenance, improvement, and development.