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In August 2019, WRI released an updated version of the Aqueduct™ Water Risk Atlas (Aqueduct 3.0). This document provides information on what’s new in Aqueduct 3.0 and explains why it matters by comparing results with those available in the old version of the tool (Aqueduct 2.1).

According to new data from WRI's Aqueduct Floods Tool, by 2030 the number of people impacted by floods will double worldwide — from 65 million to 132 million due to riverine flooding and from 7 million to 15 million due to coastal flooding.

This Technical Note documents a pilot project to better understand public water management by crowdsourcing responses to a standardized question set. Using the results of the pilot and additional stakeholder interviews, the authors have developed an updated question set to assess conditions of public water management for industrial water users.