Pro Sponsorship: Co-develop new datasets and tools with the Aqueduct team

WRI’s Aqueduct Pro Sponsorship is a strategic partnership between companies and our team. Sponsors provide critical support for tool and data development, as well as platform updates, to continue providing users with the best available data and features that will strengthen companies’ and communities’ resilience to increasing water risks.

Sponsors provide the Aqueduct team with the resources and vision to enhance our offerings, supporting the strategic development of additional datasets and tools. They also serve as first users and receive early access to behind-the-scenes data, which includes higher spatial and temporal resolution than is currently available on the open-access Aqueduct suite of tools.

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Microsoft and Moody’s Analytics have joined as inaugural sponsors, helping the Aqueduct team develop new projections on water stress, demand and supply, which are some of the first water projections using the latest CMIP6 climate forcings from the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report. These future projections equip Aqueduct users (e.g., companies, investors, consulting firms and others) with the best available information on climate-related water risks that they can then factor into internal water strategies, sustainable water management plans, ESG ratings and contextual water targets. Microsoft aims to include this data in its Planetary Computer platform, while Moody’s Analytics will use the data for its physical climate risk datasets.


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About Aqueduct

Since its inception in 2011, WRI’s Aqueduct tools have informed companies, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) about water-related risks such as floods, droughts and stress through the following tools:

  • Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas, which maps and analyzes current and future water risks across locations;
  • Aqueduct Food, which identifies current and future water risks to agriculture and food security;
  • Aqueduct Floods, which identifies coastal and riverine flood risks, and analyzes the costs and benefits of investing in flood protection; and
  • Aqueduct Country Rankings, which allows decision-makers to understand and compare national and subnational water risks.

Our Aqueduct tools use best-in-class, open-source, peer reviewed data, have reached hundreds of thousands of users across the globe and informed decision-makers in and beyond the water sector. Beyond the tools, the Aqueduct team works one-on-one with companies, governments and research partners through the Aqueduct Alliance to help advance best practices in water resource management and enable sustainable growth in a water-constrained world.