13 Experts

Program Experts & Staff

Will Anderson

Communications Manager, Global Restoration Initiative

Will Anderson

John Brandt

Data Science Associate II

Nicole Chi

Product Associate, TerraMatch

Sean DeWitt

Director, Global Restoration Initiative

Maria Franco Chuaire

Senior Associate, Initiative 20x20

Amanda Gant

Accelerator Manager

Lilian Hemmins

Product Design Intern, TerraMatch

Lilian Hemmins

Joanne Ma

User Experience Research Intern, TerraMatch

Person default

Salima Mahamoudou

Research Associate II

Jared Messinger

Manager, Global Restoration Initiative

Aaron Minnick

Manager, Global Restoration Initiative

Neil Stein

Project Specialist, TerraMatch

Brian Zheng

User Engagement Intern, TerraMatch

Brian Zheng

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