Sean loves restoration: the art of bringing people together to make things better in our natural and built environments. He is on a mission to help restore forests, farms, pastures, hillsides, riparian areas, jobs, livelihoods, culture and hope.

In his current role as the Director of the Global Restoration Initiative at World Resources Institute (WRI), he leads a talented team of restoration experts who drive coordination among governments, civil society, companies and communities to restore ecosystems and deliver benefits to communities, climate and nature.

Sean previously worked for 15+ years in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. He supported women in Africa and Asia with microbusiness ideas at Grameen Foundation. He strengthened small businesses and small nonprofits at the Fund for the City of New York. He delivered innovative projects for the US Department of State in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Sean worked in the private sector with PwC as a Management Consultant and worked as an Industrial Engineer for Intel and the Walt Disney Company.

Sean is a proud native of the Great Northern Paper mill town of Millinocket, Maine where his family worked for three generations. He is the Board President of ‘Our Katahdin’, a non-profit organization he co-founded to help reshape the local economy in the wake of the paper mill closure, working to restore its economic future with roots in sustainable forest products and renewable energies.

Sean holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University. He holds an MSc in Development Finance and an MSc in Natural Resource Economics from the University of London. He enjoys basketball, running, playing blues and boogie piano, and spending time with his family.