Neil is a Research and Engagement Associate with the TerraFund program, a cornerstone of WRI's Global Restoration Initiative. Leveraging his background in forest carbon analyses and financial implementation, Neil is using his experiences to support TerraMatch's efforts to improve the Restoration sector. This work targets the expansion of forest restoration efforts via innovative funding approaches for local groups in Africa, India, and around the world.

Neil previously worked as a Research Analyst with WRI's Carbon Removal team researching natural pathways for carbon removal in the United States, integrating the climate benefit research side with an exploration of economic co-benefits to enhance the understanding of CDR policy impacts.

Neil graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2017, where he studied Environmental Policy and Environmental Engineering. He also holds a certificate from the International Center for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability in Renewable Energy & Sustainability. Neil is currently attending the University of Chicago's Harris School of Public Policy to further refine his skills in international development and data analysis.

Outside of WRI, Neil is a passionate Minnesota sports fan, an avid photographer, voracious language learner, and an amateur patisserie chef.