Christina DeConcini is World Resources Institute’s Director of Government Affairs. Christina is an attorney and advocate and oversees WRI’s legislative work and strategy on climate change and energy issues, engagement with the US Administration and corporate partners on these issues. Christina speaks on these issues in a number of forums. Christina is on the Board of the Woodwell Climate Research Center in Woods Hole, MA and also is the president of the board of the Pricing Carbon.

Prior to joining WRI in September 2007, Christina spent 20 years representing and advocating for the rights of immigrants and refugees, serving as the as the Director of Policy and Advocacy in several national organizations, seeking to change federal immigration laws, provide representation to indigent immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers and improve conditions of detention for immigrants. Christina has written and spoken frequently on issues related to US climate policy, immigration and refugee policies, has taught immigration law, served on a number of boards and been recognized for her work in both the immigration and climate field.