This technical note accompanies the State of Climate Action series. It describes our methods for identifying systems that must transform, translating these systemwide transformations into global mitigation targets for 2030 and 2050, and selecting indicators with accompanying datasets for us to use to monitor annual change. It also outlines our approach for assessing the world’s collective progress made toward near-term targets and categorizing recent efforts as on track, off track, well off track, headed in the wrong direction, or insufficient data. Finally, it details how we identify critical barriers to change and enabling conditions that can support transformations, as well as limitations to our methodology. Many of the methods underpinning this series remain unchanged from State of Climate Action 2021, although we identify small adjustments throughout. This technical note, then, serves as a companion document to State of Climate Action 2022 and to subsequent annual State of Climate Action reports, with updates made where applicable.


Published under Systems Change Lab, this report is a joint effort between Bezos Earth Fund, Climate Action Tracker, Climate Analytics, ClimateWorks Foundation, NewClimate Institute, the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions, and World Resources Institute. 


Photo by: Flickr/Mitja Kobal