Transport accounts for 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions and, despite technological innovations, the sector is not on target to reach climate and sustainable development goals. The challenge is especially acute in developing countries, where the demand for new transport infrastructure is high while resources are often scarce. These countries need new solutions that can help them leapfrog traditional pathways and learn from one another quickly.

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Founded in 2003 and co-hosted by WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities and the World Bank, Transforming Transportation is the largest conference of its kind dedicated to fostering transport solutions in developing countries that address both climate and development goals. The global forum is a platform for innovators and leaders helping to transform the sector, from policymakers and CEOs to researchers and advocates.

Across two days of technical sessions and plenaries, more than 150 speakers join thousands of participants in Washington, D.C., and online to accelerate innovation and create new partnerships. The conference covers key topics of concern for both climate change and sustainable development, including public transportation, electric mobility, walking and cycling, road safety, and increasing access to jobs, education and health care. Key themes have included recovery from COVID-19, financing the climate transition and the emergence of new mobility services.

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