Claudia Adriazola-Steil has worked in the transport sector for 25 years. Claudia is the Deputy Global Urban Mobility Director and the Director of Health and Road Safety at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cites.

Claudia focuses on the intersection of sustainable mobility, climate change, public health and equity. Over the past 15 years at WRI, Claudia has been instrumental in developing one of the most innovative road safety programs in the world, based on the Safe System Approach and making connections to sustainability and equity. She has significantly influenced the international agenda, as well as those of national and local governments.

During her tenure, Claudia has advanced new partnerships and reshaped the mobility agenda to focus on a system approach to urban mobility that encompasses urban development, mass transportation, walking, cycling, electric vehicles, new mobility and innovation. Claudia has experience working in more than 50 cities in Latin America, Asia and Africa and has overseen over $60 million in investments.

Claudia has successfully led the organization of Transforming Transportation since 2017, a global flagship conference co-organized by the World Bank and WRI. She has been a keynote speaker in high-level meetings, including at the UN General Assembly, the World Bank, World Health Organization, Ministerial Conferences, and others. Claudia has been distinguished by the German TUMI initiative as a Remarkable Woman in Transport. She has co-authored more than 20 publications and papers and participated in numerous peer-reviews.

Claudia previously held managerial positions in Peru’s national government, including General Director of Land Transportation and Executive Manager of the National Council of Road Safety in the Ministry of Transport, and Head of the Legal Department of the Superintendence of Public Registries in the Ministry of Justice. Originally a lawyer, Claudia was later trained in transport management in Germany. In 2008, she graduated with an Executive Master of Public Administration and an MA in International Relations from the Maxwell School of Public Administration at Syracuse University, New York. In 2022, Claudia completed a Behavioral Insights and Public Policy Executive Education by the Harvard Kennedy School.