Technology is changing everything about how we get around in cities. New tech-based mobility disruptions, from electric scooters to ride-hailing apps to autonomous vehicles, are part of the transportation revolution. These changes will not only affect the future of cities and the people living and working in them, but will also have implications for the environment, equity, jobs, public spending, governance, health, privacy, safety and more. Whether these changes lead to a better future will depend on action, collaboration and challenging the status quo to achieve the best outcomes for all.

NUMO is a global alliance organization of cities, NGOs, companies, mobility service operators, community advocates from diverse sectors and more. Our mission is to leverage the momentum of significant revolutions in mobility to target urban issues, including equity, sustainability, accessibility and labor. NUMO aligns the actions, investments and values of this growing community of allies to achieve transformational, on-the-ground changes.

We see this moment as an unprecedented opportunity to shape a shift in transportation by aligning shared priorities and turning the values of the Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities into deliberate, impactful action.

NUMO collaborates with a diverse array of allies to bring to life the Shared Mobility Principles, which hundreds of companies and governments have signed on to as a guiding vision for more sustainable, inclusive, prosperous and resilient cities.

Through pilot projects, we work with governments, organizations and communities to co-develop innovative projects designed to achieve more equitable and sustainable outcomes in urban transportation. We support pilots that leverage and integrate tech disruptions into a community’s broader transportation ecosystem, including public transit, to improve access to mobility through inclusive planning, collaborative decision-making among the public and private sectors, implementation and impact monitoring. With our allies, we build on the lessons and successes of our pilots, compiling and creating tools and other resources to scale these pilots around the world.

Through strategic research, we aim to increase our collective knowledge of new mobility innovations, including the real impacts of new modes and services, benefits, challenges and costs. With the public and private sectors and community partners, we conduct and support research to generate insights about new mobility that can inform policy decisions and help us understand how changes are impacting citiesAnd through engagement, we work to grow the alliance and amplify the work of our partners. We recognize there are no single actors in the intersectional, rapidly-evolving space of transportation and mobility technology. It will take the joint effort of governments and the private sector, working with communities and people most impacted on-the-ground to create cities that are just, sustainable and joyful.

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