16 Experts



Dan Lashof

Director, WRI United States

Dan Lashof

Program Experts & Staff

Nate Aden

Senior Associate, Business Center

Greg Carlock

Manager, Climate Action & Data

Tyler Clevenger

Research Analyst II

Matthew Cronin

Project Coordinator II

Tom Cyrs

Research Associate

Christina DeConcini

Director, Government Affairs

John Feldmann

Research Analyst, WRI United States

Karl Hausker

Senior Fellow

Kevin Kennedy

Senior Fellow, U.S. Climate Initiative

Katie Lebling


Haley Leslie-Bole

Research Analyst, WRI United States

Jillian Neuberger

Associate, Legislative Engagement

Alex Rudee

Manager, U.S. Natural Climate Solutions

Devashree Saha

Senior Associate

Gillian Zwicker

Research Analyst II, International Engagement, Climate Program

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