The São Paulo skyline behind Ibirapuera Park. The city's urban trees are part of the greater Atlantic Forest ecosystem. Photo by Flávio Jota de Paula/Flickr.

Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Experts & Staff

25 Experts

Program Experts & Staff

Kyla Aiuto

Scope 2 Manager, Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Kyla Aiuto

Pankaj Bhatia

Director of GHG Protocol

Alejandra Bosch

Land Sector Associate, Greenhouse Gas Protocol, WRI México

Alejandra Bosch.

David Burns

Director of Governance, Greenhouse Gas Protocol

David Burns

Keil Corey

Technical Support and Training Lead, Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Keil Corey.

Emily Ane Dionizio

GHG Protocol Specialist, WRI Brasil

Emily Ane Dionizio.

Claudia Fonseca

Project Coordinator II, Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Claudia Fonseca

Alexander Frantzen

Scope 3 Manager, Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Alexander Frantzen.

Alex Hoppe

eLearning Specialist, Climate Program

Alex Hoppe

Sarah Huckins

Communications Manager I, GHG Protocol, Climate Program

Sarah Huckins

Iain Hunt

Senior Associate, Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Corporate Standard

Iain Hunt.

Erin Jackson

GHG Protocol Land Sector & Removal Guidance Intern

Erin Jackson

Oliver James

Land Sector Associate, GHG Protocol

Oliver James.

Zhaoqianyi (Zhao) Ji

Research Analyst, Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Zhaoqianyi (Zhao) Ji.

Ashley Junger

Communications Specialist, Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Ashley Junger.

Alex Kovac

Geospatial Data Scientist, Data Lab

Kevin Kurkul

Research Associate

Allison Leach

Corporate Standard Associate, Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Allison Leach

Christine Pascual

Learning Program Lead, Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Christine Pascual.

Matt Ramlow

Research Associate

Matt Ramlow

David Rich

Deputy Director, Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Richard Waite

Director for Agriculture Initiatives, Food, Land, and Water Program

Bryanna West

Administrative Specialist, Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Bryanna West.

Chuck Wilson

Development Associate

Charles Wilson

Wenyi Xi

Research Associate, Sustainable Transition Center, WRI China

Wenyi Xi