Iain Hunt manages the process to revise and develop additional guidance for the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard as part of World Resources Institute's Climate Program.

Prior to joining WRI, Iain worked as an educator, researcher and program manager for Villanova University's Sustainable Engineering Program. As part of his role, Iain led industry-sponsored project collaborations, advising teams of graduate students in supporting partner organizations' GHG management and reporting programs. Iain also developed a new graduate course in GHG accounting and the application of GHG Protocol Standards, a course he continues to teach in an adjunct professor role.

Iain has also worked in the international development sector, as a Peace Corps Volunteer and NGO program manager. He's lived and worked in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, and has supported projects in several countries in Latin America and Africa.

Iain holds an MS in Sustainable Engineering from Villanova University and a BS from the Colorado School of Mines. He is currently based in Philadelphia with his wife Chelsea and their little dog.