Johannes is the Director of Climate Data at the World Resources Institute (WRI), a global research organization that addresses urgent sustainability challenges related to food, forests, water, climate, energy, cities, and the ocean.

He leads WRI’s data strategy on climate, energy and systems change. He creates bold visions for innovative data products that support governments and the private sector to shift our global systems equitable ways. His work is widely cited in news outlets, countries' climate plans (24 NDCs), and used by over 250 government ministries as well as hundreds of large companies.

His area of expertise includes climate, energy, ocean, food, water, and systems change. He works with decision-makers from national to international levels, including UN, national governments, corporates, and investors, and launched data platforms in partnership with the governments of India, Indonesia, and South Africa. He manages partnerships with over 100 organizations, including public, private (Google, Amazon, IBM) and academics.

In his role, he leads three WRI data platforms:

  • Systems Change Lab: A tracking system to accelerate 50 shifts to protect both people and the planet in an equitable manner.
  • Climate Watch: A global compressive tracking platform for countries’ emissions, climate targets, and linkages with sustainable development.
  • Power Explorer: The first open map the world's power plants to better understand their impacts on climate, water, and air quality.

He also supports WRI’s institutional strategy to turn data and visualizations into action as an advisor to Ocean Watch, Resource Watch, and the Data Lab.

Previously Johannes worked on Planetary Boundaries with the Stockholm Resilience Center as well as applying his technical knowledge to marine ecology research in Egypt and working with the French-German television station ARTE. He has a Bachelor's in computer science and an interdisciplinary Master's in science for sustainable development.