WASHINGTON, DC (February 3 - 2021) – The World Bank and WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities invite the press to attend this year's all-virtual Transforming Transportation, one of the largest global events dedicated entirely to sustainable transport and development.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the global transport sector and the people and businesses that rely on it in unprecedented ways. Across the globe, rethinking mobility is now a priority to build back better, with safer, more resilient and efficient transport systems for all. Transforming Transportation 2021 will bring together sustainable mobility world leaders from the public, private, academic and civil society spheres in a global virtual event to discuss the path forward.

This year's conference will fully utilize the new virtual format to gather and engage with an even more diverse audience from across the globe, and to offer more resources on pressing issues related to sustainable transportation and mobility.


All-virtual Transforming Transportation 2021. Agenda available at www.transformingtransportation.org. Livestream of all major sessions available at https://live.worldbank.org/transforming-transportation-2021. For the full virtual experience, register for the conference here.


February 3-5

8:00am – 2:00pm February 3 and 4

7:30am - 2:00pm February 5


Tini Tran, World Resources Institute, tini.tran@wri.org, +1 (646) 618-3387