WASHINGTON, DC (January 16, 2020) – The World Bank and WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities invite the press to attend Transforming Transportation 2020, one of the largest global events dedicated entirely to sustainable transport and development.

The conference features a prestigious lineup of government and private sector leaders, as well as top global transport experts, to discuss the potential of disruptive technologies to improve mobility, introduce some of the most innovative transport policies emerging around the world and present groundbreaking academic research.

Transforming Transportation will highlight the role that sustainable mobility can play in boosting global development and addressing some of today’s toughest global challenges, from sluggish economic performance to social exclusion and climate change. Recent data shows that by moving toward more sustainable mobility, the world could generate an additional $2.6 trillion in GPD a year, save 1.8 gigatons of CO2 and avoid 800,000 road fatalities.

The event will pay special attention to the links between transport and inclusive economic development, emphasizing how sustainable mobility can help unlock better opportunities for all.

Over 1,100 participants will be joining the 2020 edition of Transforming Transportation in person, while another 20,000 are expected to follow the livestream.


Transforming Transportation 2020. Agenda available at www.transformingtransportation.org. Livestream of all major sessions available at https://live.worldbank.org/transforming-transportation-2020.


Preston Auditorium, World Bank Headquarters, Washington DC


January 16 and 17, 8:45am – 5:45pm


Mauro Azeredo, World Bank, mazeredo@worldbank.org, + 1 (202) 460-2033

Tini Tran, World Resources Institute, tini.tran@wri.org, +1 (646) 618-3387