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The Global Commission on Adaptation seeks to accelerate adaptation action and increase political support for building climate resilience.

Prepared Communities

Implementing the Urban Community Resilience Assessment in Vulnerable Neighborhoods of Three Cities

Climate change affects poor and marginalized communities first and hardest. Particularly in cities, a lack of access to basic services, a long history of unsustainable urban development, and political exclusion render the urban poor one of the most vulnerable groups to climate induced natural...

Stronger Than the Storm: Applying the Urban Community Resilience Assessment to Extreme Climate Events

Climate change is a global phenomenon, but the impacts are distributed locally and unevenly in cities. The urban poor are the most affected by climate change and are more likely to live in areas that lack sufficient infrastructure to respond to climate risks.

WRI has developed the Urban...


PREPdata, an initiative of the Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness, is a free, open-source data platform that provides the accessible, curated data that decision-makers need to analyze vulnerability and build climate resilience.


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