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Tundu Lissu, a leading opposition member of the Tanzanian parliament and a former colleague who worked on community land rights, was injured in what may have been political violence. Peter Veit, who has known Lissu for decades, writes about his friend and the risks he ran by making a difference.

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Returning to WRI as a Distinguished Senior Fellow on forest and governance issues, Frances Seymour reflects on the impact of technology and international efforts to turn the tide on deforestation.

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The upcoming March for Science is an opportunity to push for evidence-based solutions. But real change comes not from placard-waving, but from the tireless, low-profile actions we each take every day at work, in town hall meetings and in our homes.


The World Resources Report (WRR) examines if prioritizing access to core urban services, we can create cities that are prosperous and sustainable for all people. This first installment of the WRR developed a new categorization of cities into emerging, struggling, thriving, and stabilizing cities. It focuses on solutions for struggling and emerging cities—over half the cities included in the analysis—because they have the greatest opportunity to alter their development trajectory.


In the lead up to the Open Government Partnership Paris Summit, this event will bring together climate, open data, and open government civil society to expand new spaces for action and build momentum around implementation of the Paris Agreement. The OGP Summit provides an exciting opportunity to foster dialogue between governments and civil society and translate climate goals into tangible and ambitious commitments.


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