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Climate change is already affecting crop production, and in some cases is undermining the viability of current crop systems. The paper explains why transformative adaptation is needed in cropping systems, how seeds systems play a key role in these systemic shifts, and what changes are needed in crop research and development to enable climate-resilient transformations.


As climate change increasingly affects agriculture around the world, reliable, timely, and targeted information about weather and climate conditions is becoming an ever more urgent requirement for adaptation decision-making. This paper considers how transformative adaptation – long-term, systemic change to fundamental aspects of systems in response to or anticipation of severe climate change impacts - could be accelerated by enhancing climate services and how they are applied.


This paper establishes the collective baseline of Cool Food members’ food purchases and associated GHG emissions, as well as their shared 25 percent GHG emissions reduction target. If members met the target, their actions would reduce emissions by more than 1,071,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year by 2030 relative to the baseline, equivalent to avoiding the annual tailpipe emissions from more than 230,000 passenger vehicles.


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