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Resource Watch

Experts & Staff

14 Experts


Global Executive Team

Craig Hanson

Managing Director, Programs

Craig Hanson
Global Executive Team

Janet Ranganathan

Managing Director, Strategy, Learning and Results

Program Experts & Staff

Becky Atkins

Global Network Lead, Data Lab

Sergio Baldit Parra

Communications Specialist, Data Lab

Sergio Baldit.

Nina M. Dutra

Senior Operations & Special Projects Manager, Research, Data & Innovation

Nina Dutra

Alex Kovac

Geospatial Data Scientist, Data Lab

Solomon Negusse

API Software Engineer, Data Lab

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Chris Rowe

Data Science Strategist, Data Lab

Chris Rowe

Liz Saccoccia

Water Security Associate

Liz Saccoccia

Nancy Sánchez

Product Specialist, Data Lab

Nancy Sanchez

Avra Saslow

Data Analyst, Data Lab

Avra Saslow

Rachel Thoms

Research Assistant, Research, Data, and Innovation

Jason Winik

Data Analyst Intern, Resource Watch

Jason Winik

Weiqi Zhou

Data Analyst, WRI China, Data Lab

Weiqi Zhou
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