Chris Rowe is a Data Science Strategist in the Data Lab and the Data Team Lead for Resource Watch. He works across the organization to improve our core data infrastructure and practices, provide strategic advice to early-stage projects on their Data Science approaches and data tooling, and managing the team that keeps the data in our shared APIs as up to date and accurate as possible.

Prior to joining WRI, Chris worked as a Geospatial Products Manager, Senior Digital Project Strategist, and IT consultant. He has worked with a wide range of organizations from small non-profits to Fortune 50 companies. Collecting, analyzing, and using data has been a part of his process from the beginning, including GIS mapping, IoT data logging, and web analytics.

Chris has a BA from Hampshire College and a M.Ed. in Educational Technology from the University of Texas at Brownsville, with a year at the University of Bergen (UiB) studying System Dynamics.

Chris lives in Hartland Vermont with his son, and enjoys snowboarding, Ultimate Frisbee, live music, and board games. Chris also volunteers for Citizens Climate Lobby and the Environmental Voter Project.