WRI’s research has found that one of the primary impediments to effectively addressing eutrophication is lack of public awareness of what eutrophication is, what its impacts are, the causes and drivers of eutrophication, and the extent to which freshwater and coastal ecosystems experience eutrophication. To address this obstacle, WRI, in partnership with the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS), has developed this eutrophication website to serve as an information portal on the subject of eutrophication and hypoxia. The purpose of the website is to promote transparency, exchange information, provide media resources, and create a social network around these issues. By providing accurate, reliable, and comprehensive information about the causes, effects, and location of eutrophication worldwide, WRI and VIMS aspire to:

  • raise awareness and support among the media, policy-makers and the public on the issues surrounding eutrophication and nutrient pollution;

  • provide information and resources on the subject of eutrophication and hypoxia to the media, policy-makers and the public;

  • increase dialog and information exchange on issues surrounding eutrophication and sources of nutrient pollution; and

  • identify data gaps that exist for identifying areas impacted by eutrophication.