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This paper reviews the key drivers behind growing water risk, describes and illustrates water and security pathways, and presents approaches for reducing water related risks to global security.

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The Niger Delta, lush with waters from Niger River, is a veritable oasis at the edge of the Sahara. It is remote, remarkable and a reminder of the complex interplay between some some of the biggest issues facing Europe and climate change.

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In this episode of the WRI Podcast, Charles Iceland, director, Global and National Water Initiatives with WRI's Food, Forests, and Water Programs, explains what water stress is, how we measure it, and why it matters for understanding geopolitics today.

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Today on World Water Day, the Water, Peace and Security Initiative (WPSI), was launched to provide expert guidance on the link between water and security, identify potential “hotspot areas” to prevent the next water-driven security crisis, and provide support to impacted countries.


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