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Green infrastructure like forests, wetlands and coral reefs can help traditional “gray infrastructure” perform better. Yet, green-gray infrastructure projects remain relatively niche, mainly because of persistent myths about their costs and feasibility.


The Global Partnership on Nutrient Management and WRI showcase a new resource for sustainable nutrient management. The Global Nutrient Management Toolbox was designed to help decision makers from local to global, across agriculture, urban, wastewater and energy sectors, take action to better manage nutrients and reduce harm to the environment.


Using a social cost accounting (SCA) methodology, this research estimates the market and non-market costs associated with the delivery of urban water, sanitation, transport and energy services in 4 case study cities.


Advancing sustainable water management in the private sector by driving innovation in water-related data, tools and strategies.


Providing globally open data about power plants to increase transparency and help understand the environmental effects of power production


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