Monitoring crops.


Experts & Staff

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Program Experts & Staff

Sergio Baldit Parra

Communications Specialist, Data Lab

Sergio Baldit.

Catherine Beal

Research Analyst, Climate Resilience Practice

Catherine Beal

Rebecca Carter

Director, Climate Adaptation & Resilience, Global/US Climate Program

Rebecca Carter.

Nina M. Dutra

Senior Operations & Special Projects Manager, Research, Data & Innovation

Nina Dutra

Johannes Friedrich

Director of Climate Data

Tappan Parker

Outreach and Engagement Manager, Systems Change Lab

Tappan Parker

Chris Rowe

Data Science Strategist, Data Lab

Chris Rowe

Katherine Shea

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager, Managing for Results

Tea Tuur

Senior Product Manager, Product Studio, Data Lab

Tea Tuur

Stefanie Tye

Climate Adaptation & Resilience Research Associate

Stefanie Tye

Leandro Vigna

Outreach & Data Partnership Manager, Climate Watch

Leandro Vigna.

Sara Walker

Director, Corporate Water Engagement

Ted Wong

Research and Project Associate, Data & Tools, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

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