A Resource Hub for Climate Finance

The Paying for Paris Resource Hub provides a central knowledge base where governments can begin exploring the diverse range of instruments available to help finance their climate goals.  

Whether you are beginning your journey, or an experienced practitioner in a ministry responsible for climate finance, this hub orients you to the kinds of instruments available, introduces the basics of each and provides further references for a deeper dive. These include short downloadable briefs, related reading, and video interviews with experts in each field. These experts’ perspectives come not only from our peers in research and nonprofit organizations, but also from practitioners working for multilateral development banks, Ministries of Finance and Energy, and more.   

This climate finance resource hub builds upon work by the World Resources Institute Finance Center, which researches how to shift financial flows away from dangerous activities that fuel climate change and toward solutions for an equitable, low-carbon, climate-resilient economy. Specifically, it draws upon experience from a 4-year project through which WRI embedded advisors within government ministries responsible for procuring and directing climate finance. This included running workshops in Guatemala, working with state-level ministries in India and helping produce Fiji’s National Climate Finance Strategy. The examples we provide come from real-world implementation experience.  

Please reach out to Molly Caldwell at molly.caldwell@wri.org or Natalia Alayza at natalia.alayza@wri.org if you have questions or suggestions.