Achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement requires shifting finance toward activities that implement and enhance climate action. Developing countries may lack sufficient finance for these activities, creating a lack of resources that could prevent them from getting on low-carbon pathways. Mobilizing finance internally, and especially internationally, is crucial for developing country climate action.

The Finance for Developing Country Climate Action project seeks to promote financing for developing country climate action by identifying key capacity bottlenecks at the national level and developing knowledge products, tools and coalitions designed to loosen those constraints. Working closely with our Climate Program, we support developing-country institutions, including finance and environment ministries, and implementing and executing entities for specialized climate funds. Current and future work streams include activities to: 

  • Access the multilateral climate funds. 
  • Ensure effective institutional coordination and decision-making. 
  • Match climate-compatible projects with finance flows.

WRI currently works in Guatemala with the Ministry of Finance; in Fiji with the Ministry of Economy; and in India, with state-level Ministries of Finance in Sikkim, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu in India.  

Photo Credit: Antonio Garcia/Unsplash.