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The private sector plays a leading role in restoring landscapes across Latin America and the Caribbean. In support of Initiative 20x20, impact investors and companies are supporting the regional process by financing various productive restoration projects. These partners have reached an earmark of $2.08 billion to invest in multiple restoration approaches across the region. To enable the financing of such projects, Initiative 20x20 is designing other financial instruments including a partial risk guarantee for restoration projects and the establishment of market readiness funds.

So far, private sector investors have indicated the intention to invest:

  • 12Tree: $400 million
  • LXG Amazon Reforestry Fund: $295 million
  • Root Capital: $200 million
  • EcoPlanet Bamboo: $180 million
  • Nespresso Sustainability Innovation Fund: $148 million
  • Permian Global: $100 million in support of reforestation and avoided deforestation in tropical rainforest biomes.
  • SLM Partners: $100 million in transitioning to grazing systems known as ‘holistic planned grazing’.
  • EcoEnterprises Fund: $100 million
  • AndGreen: $100 million
  • Terra Bella: $90 million in non-timber forest projects and high-value low carbon and climate resilient sustainably produced agricultural projects
  • Althelia: $70 million in support of agroforestry and silvopastoral activities
  • Moringa: $60 million in support of agroforestry and silvopastoral activities.
  • Carana Corporation: $60 million
  • Simbiosis: $60 million
  • Canopy Sustainable Land Use Fund: $50 million
  • Amazon Andes Fund: $25 million
  • Pomona Impact: $20 million
  • Forestry and Climate Change Fund: $15 million in support of restoration and economic use of degraded forests.
  • Fondo Accion: $12 million

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