The energy sector is responsible for 72% of global greenhouse gas emissions, making decarbonization in the sector an important opportunity to fight climate change. Moving the energy system away from fossil fuels — combined with increasing investment in and deploying renewable energy — is  critical to achieving a low-carbon future. 

WRI's renewable energy team drives alignment and investment in electricity markets to deliver on consumer demand for an affordable transition to clean energy and reduce energy-related emissions. To achieve this goal, we work with electricity customers, cities, regulators and utilities to aid the transformation to a low-carbon grid in China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines, the United States and Vietnam

This work includes: 

  • Supporting electricity customers — particularly major companies and municipal customers with large energy use and ambitious clean energy goals — to meet their demand for affordable renewable energy. 

  • Helping utilities use their strengths for clean energy deployment, such as the low cost of capital, cost-effective renewable energy integration strategies and long-term planning. 

  • Working with community leaders who have set ambitious targets to advance their renewable energy goals and support cities in the fight against climate change. 

  • Addressing market barriers to adopting clean energy, enabling a low-carbon electricity grid transition. 

  • Developing pilot programs with stakeholders across the electricity sector to demonstrate how new models for regulation and renewable energy procurement can deliver low-cost electricity and be replicated quickly through large electricity markets. 

  • Analyzing international public finance to identify models that deliver affordable, reliable clean energy to all consumers. 

  • Undertaking primary research on renewable energy and leveraging this knowledge to depict the sustainable energy development landscape for decision-makers and the public. 

Photo Credit: USFWS/Joshua Winchell