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renewable energy


This issue brief is designed to inform policymakers of the state of storage technologies and how utility-scale storage (including long-duration storage) can support a decarbonized grid. The brief describes the mix, role and current policy drivers of storage technology today, and explores future grid needs and the potential use of long-duration storage to maintain grid reliability in deep-decarbonization scenarios.


This working paper discusses utility-offered RE tariffs in India, a relatively new and underdeveloped topic in the Indian energy sector. It highlights the key principles that could serve to guide the development of such tariffs in India, based on a study of the literature worldwide, as well as on an analysis of the Indian scenario and interviews conducted.


This technical note outlines the methodology behind the Local Government Renewables Action Tracker, an interactive web tool that presents a compilation of the renewable electricity transactions and advocacy efforts that have been completed by U.S. cities, counties, municipal utilities and community choice aggregations since 2015.


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