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Green Climate Fund

As developing countries increasingly experience the impacts of climate change, ensuring that they have efficient access to adaptation funding is ever more urgent. The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is one of the world’s largest sources of finance for climate adaptation, and importantly, most of its finance is concessional, meaning it is delivered with significant grant components. It is therefore essential that the GCF Board, which meets this weekend, get the GCF’s approach to adaptation right.


The Green Climate Fund, a major source of finance for developing countries seeking to address climate change, has committed $3.5 billion for projects around the world. But now it needs to replenish its resources in an effective, transparent and inclusive way -- soon. Among other things, it could use an external facilitator to help move the process along.

The world will need an estimated $140 billion per year — or more — to help adapt to the damaging impacts of climate change. But funders have gotten caught up in drawing bright lines between adaptation and development programs. To get the most out of scarce adaptation dollars, the world needs to move past this false distinction.


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