The load flexibility and storage capacity of PEVs represent grid assets that can be deployed via Vehicle Grid Integration (VGI) to smooth the transition to large scale PEV adoption. This report identifies VGI services, such as managed charging and vehicle-to-grid (V2G), as being able to enable an array of beneficial services including time-shifting, distribution upgrade deferral, and more.

Documenting the regulatory and technical barriers of electricity market access in China, the report explains the hurdles that need to be overcome for PEV customers to capitalize on the benefits of VGI.

For VGI to thrive in China, the report offers an action plan, advocating for the rollout of managed charging through 2025 and emphasizing V2G as a potential future solution. In order to unlock the market potential of VGI and develop public acceptance, the report concludes with concrete recommendations regarding managed charging and V2G.