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Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 (P4G)

Experts & Staff

15 Experts

Program Experts & Staff

Brian Chitala

Investment Specialist

Brian Chitala

Bryce Dawson

P4G Partnership Intern

Bryce Dawson.

Morgan Donohue

Engagement and Partnerships Intern

Morgan Donohue.

Anteneh Gelaw

Regional Manager, Africa, P4G

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Eve Kerubo

Regional Investment Manager, Africa / Country Manager, Kenya

Eve Kerubo

Robyn McGuckin

Robyn McGuckin, Executive Director, P4G

Robyn McGuckin

Hali McKinley Lester

Communications Manager, P4G

Hali McKinley Lester

Winfred Muasa

Operations Assistant, P4G Programme

Winfred Muasa.

Monicah Mungai

Operations Manager, P4G

Monicah Mungai.

Apollonia Grace Ochieng

Grants Manager, P4G

Apollonia Grace Ochieng.

Sangeetha Sarma

Head of Communications, P4G

Sangeetha Sarma

Sarbinder Singh

Director of Investments, P4G

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Justin Sturm

Partnerships Coordinator, P4G

Justin Sturm

Leila Surratt

Director of Strategy and Engagement, P4G

Leila Surratt

Ian de Cruz

Global Director, P4G

Ian de Cruz.
tree planting in Mombasa, Kenya