Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 (P4G)

Experts & Staff

16 Experts

Program Experts & Staff

Hans Alarcon

Special Projects Manager, P4G

Katherine Camp

Partnerships Manager, P4G

Donald De Alwis

Partnerships Intern, P4G

Maggie Dennis

Research and Report Coordinator, P4G

Anteneh Gelaw

Regional Manager, Africa, P4G

Person default

Michelle Goldenberg

Operations Manager, P4G

Sharon McCabe

Program Specialist, P4G

Robyn McGuckin

Director of Partnerships, P4G

Hali McKinley Lester

Communications Specialist, P4G

Daniel Mejia

Engagement Manager, P4G

Kyra Reumann-Moore

Engagement Manager, P4G

Sangeetha Sarma

Head of Communications, P4G

Justin Sturm

Partnerships Coordinator, P4G

Leila Surratt

Director of Strategy and Engagement, P4G

Raquel Szomstein

Engagement Coordinator, P4G

Ian de Cruz

Global Director, P4G

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