14 Experts

Program Experts & Staff

Yelena Akopian

Communications Manager, New Climate Economy

Katie Connolly

Project and Engagement Manager

Ifrah Farah

Grants & Finance Coordinator, New Climate Economy, WRI Africa

Ifrah Farah

Beakal Fasil

Communications and Engagement Specialist, The New Climate Economy, WRI Africa

Beakal Fasil

Arya Harsono

Research Analyst II, New Climate Economy

Karl Hausker

Senior Fellow

Andrea V. Mendez

Project Management Associate

Andrea Mendez

Maurice Owiti

NCE Economist, WRI Africa

Maurice Owiti.

Iryna Payosova

Economist, Climate Action

Iryna Payosova.

Mikayla Pellerin

Project and Engagement Manager, New Climate Economy

Mikayla Pellerin.

Alex Simpkins

Communications Coordinator, New Climate Economy

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Freya Stanley-Price

Communications Manager, Climate Program

Freya Stanley-Price

Eden Takele

Engagement & Communications Specialist, Climate Program and WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, WRI Africa

Eden Takele

Arief Wijaya

Program Director, WRI Indonesia

Arief Wijaya.