Mikayla Pellerin is a Project and Engagement Manager for the Global Climate Program and supports the National Climate Action project. She is responsible for project management on several country programs, building and maintaining in-country relationships, ensuring coordination across projects and functions, and supporting WRI’s Director of Engagement.

Prior to joining WRI, Mikayla worked as an Operations Assistant for a non-profit focused on Community Development, Action in Africa, and worked as a Development and Programs Assistant for a non-profit dedicated to providing objective analysis of US EPA policies, The Environmental Protection Network. Mikayla is passionate about intersectional approaches to addressing climate change and holds a B.A. in International Service from American University with thematic focuses in Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability and a regional focus in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Mikayla lives in DC and in her free time loves hiking, exploring farmers' markets in the area, and working towards her dream of visiting every National Park in the U.S. (so far 17/63.)