Forest Governance and Policy (FGP)

Experts & Staff

13 Experts


Global Executive Team

Craig Hanson

Managing Director, Programs

Craig Hanson

Program Experts & Staff

James Anderson

Senior Program Manager, Cities4Forests

James Anderson.

Charles (Chip) Barber

Director, Natural Resources Governance and Policy

Olivia Campbell

Research Assistant, Forest Governance and Policy

Olivia Campbell.

Achille Djeagou Tchoffo

Congo Bassin Coordinator, Open Timber Portal, Congo Basin

Achille Djeagou Tchoffo

Dhio Teguh Ferdyan

Forest and Legality Initiative Project Lead, WRI Indonesia

Dhio Ferdyan.

Sophie Labaste

Associate, Forest Governance and Policy

Sophie Labaste

Bo Li

Research Associate II

Abby Needell

Research Intern, Forest Legality Initiative

Abby Needall.

Ruth Nogueron

Senior Associate

Tina Schneider

Director, Forest Governance and Policy

Yulia Stange

Director, Nature Crime Alliance

Yulia Stange

Rod Taylor

Global Director, Forests

Rod Taylor.