Paige is a Research Analyst for the Forest Program and the Cities4Forests Initiative. Her work supports the program’s efforts to inspire, scale and implement efforts to restore degraded and deforested land back to economic, social and environmental productivity.

Prior to joining WRI, Paige worked for a Member of Congress first as a healthcare policy advisor and then as a scheduler, prioritizing the Congressman’s time and efforts. While in college, she worked as a Research Assistant in a Barley Research Lab and taught SCUBA lessons at a local dive shop in Madison, Wisconsin.

Paige holds a B.S. in Biology, Political Science, and International Relations from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her Master’s of Public Policy from the Trachtenberg School at George Washington University.

Paige is an avid sports fan. She enjoys watching the Wisconsin Badgers and Pittsburgh Steelers as well as playing soccer, flag football, and basketball. Paige also teaches ceramics at a local art studio.