Elizabeth Moses is an Environmental Rights and Justice Associate II with the Environmental Democracy Practice (EDP). She is a natural resource governance expert with more than a decade of international and US based experience leading technical research, policy-analysis and civil society capacity building. Elizabeth advances the integration of gender and social equity priorities and rights of poor and marginalized people to engage in equitable, transparent, inclusive, and accountable decision-making. She currently manages a wide range of projects focused on water and air quality, mining, and strengthening implementation of environmental laws and policies.

Elizabeth holds a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Washington and B.S. degrees in Psychology and Biology from Syracuse University.

Prior to WRI, she worked as an advocacy campaigner and policy analyst in the Pacific Northwest on industrial pollution and public health.

Liz lives with her family in Takoma Park, Maryland. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, hiking, and traveling back to the mountains on the West Coast.